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Old love rekindled

The traditional trade fair AFA is the annual showcase of Bavarian Swabia, where a wide range of products from the areas of building and living, household, food and luxury goods, fashion, automobiles, leisure and gardening are presented.

But the once popular Augsburg spring exhibition is getting on in years. It also has plenty of competing events. And the proximity to Munich represents an additional competition.

So what to do when visitor numbers collapse drastically? Right - this is the best time to restart.


Development of a networked strategy for all communication channels in order to communicate the new trade fair concept to the target groups. The focus: to show the connection to the region and to rekindle the love of the Augsburgers for their AFA.

The new date (from the spring to the end of January), emotional branding and the acquisition of new, interesting exhibitors were core topics, as well as rejuvenating the aging groups of visitors – the compulsory task.

Creative implementation and media planning optimized for the target groups is then – freestyle.


The new branding is an appeal to Augsburg‘s old love for AFA. Simple but with a clear message. The key visual alludes to the selfie spirit of the social media community and hits the heart of the target groups with its clearly regionally rooted imagery.

This message is first communicated by new exhibitors in a coop promotion. The AFA becomes a platform for exhibitors even before the fair.

Highlights, such as nationally known comedians, provide an additional anchor for emotions in the region.


The satisfaction of the exhibitors with the ‚new‘ AFA was 86%. 39% could be won as new exhibitors.

The new concept including the new date was fully accepted by the exhibitors and the people of the region. In addition to interesting new visitor attractions, the new start was made possible. This is the best basis for a conceptual consolidation of upcoming events.



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