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Ambient Promotion


Greeting business customers from abroad

After a flight, passengers inevitably have to wait for their luggage at baggage reclaim, and as they do so, they have time to consume advertising. Given that long haul flights make most people tired and irritated, it’s the perfect place to welcome guests and lift their spirits. The right entertainment quickly becomes a talking point for the duration of the fair.


One of the strongest licensed brands in the toy industry appeared at the airport with its world-famous characters. The aim was to get everyone in the mood for the Spielwarenmesse but also to highlight the “Power of Licensing” theme in an engaging and entertaining way.


The 8-metre poster of the “Millennium Falcon” from StarWars strikingly sets the tone for the ambient promotion. Add R2D2, sitting on the revolving carousel in a bespoke suitcase, and visitors soon start looking around furtively for the likes of C3PO and Han Solo.


The promotion was on everyone’s lips and brought a smile to many faces for the entire duration of the trade fair. Almost 45% of visitors witnessed the promotion and talked about it with their business associates in positive terms. A classic icebreaker in negotiations and a unifying feature for people from all over the world. The promotion was also welcomed by the locals, turning it into a positive PR experience that reflected well on both the Spielwarenmesse and the airport operator.