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Integrated approach with a personal touch

The ARS is an organisation of toy retailers with high aspirations: its philosophy is to steer clear of inferior products, embracing instead items that are educational and sustainable. This, of course, isn’t a USP that would interest children. But it is certainly one that interests parents and grandparents who value advice over cheap online purchases. Given that adults often become sentimental when they are reminded of their childhood, a tonality of emotion and nostalgia is key. Almost 100 ARS retailers in Germany cater for this target group. Die roten Reiter was commissioned to coordinate and design a personalised communications and advertising strategy.


The clear objective was to develop a communications concept that appealed to adults both in terms of tonality and choice of marketing materials. Adults choose the toys for their children and grandchildren and greatly value good advice and assistance. In addition, the retailers need to be able to personalise their marketing materials to ensure that the personal contact with their customers remains at the forefront.


Traditional printed media are used to combine emotion-based product promotion with informative content on the products and their educational value. Several special mailings per year spotlight high-quality product presentations. An annual magazine features topics that are of interest to parents as well as useful advice on a selection of products. The magazine contains valuable background information from experts, packaged in an entertaining way. These measures are bolstered, among others, by an emotional film, celebrating childhood memories, as well as by content for dissemination on online channels. The retailers organised within the ARS can personalise all the materials available to them. After all, a personal approach is indispensable when it comes to products for children.


The positive response to these measures has led to a marked increase in the frequency of communication. The professional advice on advertising and the centralised marketing strategy provide retailers with valuable support, allowing them to focus fully on what they do best. Given the agency’s long experience in the toy market, Die roten Reiter is in a position to contribute sound and well-founded content and enhance relevance.