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Arbeitskreis richtiges Spielzeug

For the most beautiful adventure in life. Childhood.

The ARS was founded by idealists and still today is primarily made up of idealists who have turned their passion into a profession. The unifying core is not an all-determining brand, but the values ​​that the ARS stands for: enthusiasm, passion and with both feet always planted firmly on the ground.


The aim was to make the values ​​of the ARS clearer and stand out from the competition. It was a crucial point that all members can relate with the image and find themself in it again. The measures were meant to strengthen both the perception of the end customer and potentially inspire new members for the ARS.


The topic "remembering one's own childhood" is clearly in the focus, of  the  "Arbeitskreis für richtiges Spielzeug (working group for right toys)" additionally emphasized in the idealistic attitude of this community. This is how the primary target group of parents and grandparents is addressed in the communication. Starting with the logo, the website, the shop posters, brochures but also to the movie, the entire communication plays with the magic of a healthy childhood. The emotional visuals in the style of a childhood flashback create exactly the balancing act that the dealer has to do on the spot: conveying traditional values ​​without being outdated. Because authenticity and honesty never go out of fashion.


This unified and soothing appearance arouses interest in the industry and gives the ARS a strong position in acquiring new dealers. Consumers can now grasp the bigger picture of this Germany-wide trading community, which in turn gives the individual trader a stronger standing. As a result, the toy individualist becomes a member of a community that’s on a mission to make playing a bit better.

Website: www.arseg.de




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