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Authentic. Relevant. Believable.

The toy retailers belonging to ARS are characterised first and foremost by one thing: Authenticity. Each one is an individualist, doing what they do with passion and great attention to the needs of their target group. No one else is better prepared to speak competently about the topics that most interest parents.


The almost 100 ARS retailers know that content is king and that content online plays a vital role in marketing and communication. However, they simply don’t have the time to take care of it themselves. That is why Die roten Reiter has been given the job of generating „ready to use“ content that fulfills this demand.


Custom-made content for ARS retailers perfectly meets the core concerns of the communication strategy: Individuality, Competence and Credibility. The pedagogically supervised articles reinforce the confidence online that their customers place in them locally. To make the most of this resource, Die roten Reiter provides retailers with personal support in both technical as well as strategic issues. This, along with the print-magazine, ideally covers all channels.


Right from the start there was a 30% participation rate among ARS retailers, a measurable increase in their number of readers, and great reception by end customers. These are clear indicators that we are delivering leading edge services. Furthermore, regular publication of new articles garantees long-term success.