Film – the medium for image and content


Digital Moving Images

Creative Ideas

Nothing tells a story quite as emotionally, enduringly and succinctly as a film. It is the perfect playground for corporate websites, paid content and social media. In contrast to television, the length is of little importance. But the costs most certainly are! As soon as film becomes an established feature on a company’s media channels, it is never long before a new film is needed, fuelling controversy over spending, even in companies with generous media budgets.


To shoot high-quality, yet affordable films with quick production times for online use. Various categories are covered, including: entertainment, films offering technical explanations, teasers, documentaries, HR and intros.


A mixture of

  • a creative idea
  • professional implementation with a small team and simple technology
  • a winning team in animation and postproduction


Since introducing film to the agency’s product portfolio, our customers have demanded 80% more film. A wide distribution on customer portals and social media has led to higher click rates and considerably longer site visits. Complex technical topics explained through film have been better understood and more widely accepted and consumed. Links to related product categories have been optimised.

Emotional Films

Explanatory Films