The world of drywall systems

Communications Concept

Product Launch


Knauf Gips KG / PerfectWall

Explaining a product with hidden benefits.

Knauf is the world’s leading force in the field of gypsum-based drywall systems. PerfectWall is a convenience product for the DIY field that is faster and easier to work with. Sounds like a superior product. If only someone would explain its main features to its target group.


The challenge was to shed light on the benefits of the new PerfectWall system for the German market, without undermining the justification for conventional drywall systems. Using the right tonality for this segment was also key.


A film featuring a sports competition between the two systems. A split-screen feature presented in the style of a football match.


Versions of varying lengths were edited for the website, social media and POS presentations. The launch was accompanied by an advertising campaign in specialist magazines for DIY enthusiasts. The campaign was perfectly suited to explaining the USP not only to the consumer but also to the trade and Knauf’s own sales force.