A product demo sells the best

Product Demo



Knauf wet-room user film

Product Demos for the technical market group

An explanatory film, i.e. a „Product Demo“, is an unbeatable medium in bringing about acceptance of a new product by effectively and understandably communicating its benefits and usage to specialists.


Increasing sales of a complex product system by catering to the unique requirements of technical experts with advanced knowledge of materials and applications.


Creation of a series of product demos for Knauf wet room panels. Two days of filming with the specialists at Knauf combined with many detailed settings yielded three films that completely answered all questions regarding usage of the product as well as demonstrated its advantages. As this film concerns the development of a new Knauf product, all proportions from its development were verified and documented for the specialists during filming.


The user films were enthusiastically received by technicians and immediately implemented in the training of their associates. The user films are key in demonstrating the ease of application of new products and, as a result, positively impact product acceptance.