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Spirit of Play

Relevant industry news instead of advertising. Distributed worldwide.

Mailings first have to overcome the obstacle of attracting their target group’s attention. If they fail, they are thrown straight into the bin. A wasteful expense for the advertiser, and an annoyance for the recipient. There are, however, some exciting alternatives.


To develop a communications strategy that taps the full potential of existing and attracts new target groups, giving them the chance to forge a strong and high-quality bond with the Spielwarenmesse.


A new specialist magazine for the toy industry was established. The magazine:

  • is published by experts on the toy industry
  • focuses on content that is relevant to the trade rather than concentrating on promotional content
  • spotlights topics that are featured in greater depth at the fair, e.g. at forums and special shows
  • demonstrates expertise and an in-depth understanding of the industry, doing justice to its status as the world’s leading event
  • lives up to the expectations for a global trade magazine in terms of presentation and design


The magazine was distributed globally and, in terms of its print-run and international readership, surpassed every other toy trade magazine in the world, right from the outset. It successfully conveys the emotional component, i.e. the overall experience of the event.

Added benefit: The industry’s excellent response to the medium generated high advertising revenues, even for the first edition, which largely covered the cost of producing the magazine.