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Stabilo Recruitment Video

Giving people a voice

Stabilo is well known for the colourful, creative world it cultivates across all product segments. It was time to show this wonderful world to potential colleagues in an engaging recruitment video.


Stabilo’s unique business culture can be felt everywhere; it’s a motivating mix of creativity, cheerfulness and expertise. The challenge was to reflect this culture in a short and entertaining spot that shies away from clichés, whilst communicating the message credibly and authentically.


The open, almost family relationship between colleagues is at the heart of the company’s very being and provided the idea for the film: The staff would shoot the film themselves! Using simple technical equipment, they were given the opportunity to speak from the heart whilst having fun at the same time – this proved a great way of encouraging others to become part of this special family. Die roten Reiter created a “film in a film”, turning Stabilo’s team into the stars, whilst having a professional film team in the wings to guarantee perfect results. The film provides a credible and honest insight into the company and the people behind it. Who wouldn’t want to work there?


In addition to the primary goal of raising both awareness and the company’s profile among potential applicants, the video is successfully used for employer branding across all in-house communications channels – reminding staff that they too, made the right decision to join the team.