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Naturetexx Website / Südwolle Group

Südwolle Group is an internationally operating company specialising in the development, production and sale of high-quality wool and yarn products. One of the company’s latest innovations, Naturetexx Plasma, is a sustainable, easy-care wool yarn which undergoes an innovative and environmentally friendly finishing process. An absolute innovation and USP – that no-one really knows about.


To create a website for Naturetexx that communicates the process and its benefits. In order to position the new brand and its innovative technology effectively, the website had to target both retailers and consumers and explain the complex technical content to both groups simply and clearly.


An entire theme world was created to take visitors on a journey of discovery that sheds light on the product, the production process and the benefits for both humankind and the environment. The content is vividly portrayed using beautiful graphics. Subsites offer more profound scientific content.


The opportunity to discover the product, the manufacturing process and its many benefits rapidly fuelled demand for the product among retailers and led to the derivative application of the process to the yarns of other manufacturers.

The same marketing measures were used in positioning the environmentally sustainable brand in the consumer market – keeping costs to a minimum. Given that the process is also being applied by other yarn manufacturers, the brand’s wide market exposure has had a positive effect on the Südwolle Group.