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Spielwarenmesse eG / Spielwarenmesse

A traditional brand keeps its finger on the pulse

The Spielwarenmesse is the world’s leading industry event and an important provider of marketing services for toy professionals from around the globe.


The Spielwarenmesse is already the best in its field. So now, the objective is to cement its position by reaching out to new target groups in established markets and by tapping the potential of key countries more effectively.


A new corporate appearance with a shortened brand name, a fresh photographic concept and a considerably higher proportion of images and moving images created the foundation for the toy fair’s rejuvenation. Global teams of journalists, bloggers, market researchers and trend scouts have become a rich source of exciting news and information which extends beyond the confines of the industry to provide new ideas and inspiration. To accommodate the abundance of content, the homepage has been split into two sections, showcasing both the trade fair and the online magazine “Spirit of Play”. Social media and newsletters are used to draw attention to new content, incorporating corresponding links to the magazine. Promotions at the trade fair have been successful in recruiting many new subscribers to the Newsletter. Additional target groups, such as book retailers, are targeted by personalised mailings. A printed edition of the magazine, which lends itself to reflecting the world of brands, was created with a view to attracting first-time visitors to the fair. All communication is conducted in the local language of each key country and includes a bespoke offering that is discussed and agreed individually with each of the national representatives.


Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have seen a considerable increase in users, coupled with a significant rise in the number of hits for the online magazine and of subscribers to the Newsletter. All in all, the quality of each contact has improved immeasurably thanks to the greater proportion of relevant information on the media channels used. This, in turn, has had a positive effect on the acquisition of new business and on the loyalty of both exhibitors and visitors.





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