Understanding the exhibition business

Every sector has its own special features. Trade fairs even more so.

Trade fairs differ fundamentally from consumer goods and services: The target groups are usually very diverse and scattered all over the world. And then, of course, they only take place once in a while. Trade fairs only have one shot either once or twice a year – so it’s important they get it right first time. The supreme discipline, therefore, lies in “generating year-round interest” in an event that lasts for just a few days. Additionally, trade fairs are increasingly evolving into information and networking events. The best trade fairs are those that also function as business and ordering platforms. A successful communications strategy dovetails exhibitor and visitor marketing.

Effective exhibitor marketing also involves inciting exhibitors to engage in intense visitor marketing. Surveys show that visitors have very rational reasons for attending an event. Even so, the success of an event rises and falls with the overall experience it offers. In the eyes of the decision makers, trade fairs must also function as an incentive for their staff.

Content is king? Only if it is relevant and reinforces the trade fair’s objectives! And only if it is appropriate for the media channels in question. The internet, visits from corporate sales reps, and budget restrictions. Trade buyers can think of many reasons for increasing the intervals between trade-fair visits.

This is why it is so important to convey the innovative and stimulating aspects of an event each and every year. Trade fairs reflect markets. And markets are becoming more and more dynamic. A successful communications strategy kindles the desire among visitors to keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

As a subsidiary of Spielwarenmesse eG, we have a high level of competence in-house when it comes to fairs and looking after events in the disciplines of Print, Film, Digital and Interior Design. Our competencies extend from market positioning and annual multimedia campaigns all the way through to the smaller details, such as trailers for trade fairs.

Sometimes it’s not so much creative flights of fancy that produce quality but solid craftsmanship and blood, sweat and tears.